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You want to speak Dutch quickly and get the full attention of your teacher? Then our Dutch private lessons are your cup of tea!

At Lexis we believe that everybody has their own pace and style of learning. We design a Dutch language course that meets your individual needs in terms of availability, level, specialisation and particular aims. Our experienced teachers can prepare you for the Inburgeringexamen and for the Staatsexamens Nt2.

You can choose one of our private lesson packages below. Depending on your level and your goals, we can also create a package with fewer or more hours for you. For any information you might need, please contact us.


Dutch Private Lessons

Packages for Dutch Private Lessons 

Dutch Private Lessons

✓ Free intake to identify            your
 level and goals
✓ Flexible schedule
✓ Monthly invoice*

✓ 50% off on the 1st hour
    € 55 per hour

Dutch Private Lessons

✓ Free intake 

✓ Fixed schedule
✓ Total 20 hours
✓ 2 hours per week
✓ 50% off on the 1st hour
    € 48 per hour

Dutch Private Lessons

✓  Free intake 

✓  Fixed schedule
✓  Total 45 hours
✓  3 hours per week 

✓  50% off on the 1st hour
    € 45 per hour

Dutch Private Lessons

  Dutch Brainwash 20 or 40
Free intake 
✓  Fixed schedule
✓  Total 20 or 40 hours
✓  4h/day-5 days/week 
✓  50% off on the 1st hour
    € 45 per hour

*Please note that the first 6 hours are paid in advance.

We come at your place or office or any location that is convenient for you and your teacher. If you would like to follow Dutch lessons via Skype, we offer € 5 discount per hour to all our packages.

Private Lesson Structure

During our private lessons, the participant has the greatest influence. The course focuses on fields the student wants to learn or to improve. As the private lesson is designed especially for you, you can follow a more flexible or intensive Dutch course. We are open to anything that fits you best.

Solo or Duo
The prices above are for 1 individual. If you would like to enjoy a private lesson with a friend there is a fee + € 20,00 per hour on the top of the announced prices.

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