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Our Greek classes in Amsterdam are small, cozy and interactive – so you are always ready to strike up a conversation! You will meet like-minded people and learn Greek through diverse activities. 

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Sometimes it is possible to join a group course after the starting date. For more information you can always contact us. We would be glad to answer your questions and help you decide on what is the right Greek course for you!


Greek Group Lessons

Upcoming Greek Courses in Amsterdam

Greek lessons – Once per week • Price  € 13,50 per hour – € 324 or € 162 for the whole course • 
Small groups

Total Hours
First Lesson
Greek 1 Intensive
(A0 to A1)
Monday18:30-20:3012€ 3242411/01/2018
Holiday Greek
Crash Course
Monday18:30-20:008€ 1621216/04/2018


Ongoing Greek Courses in Amsterdam

First Lesson
Greek 1 (A0 to A1)Thursday19:00-20:3028€ 39521/09/2017
Greek 2 (A1+)Tuesday18:45-20:1528€ 39519/09/2017
Greek 3 (A2)Tuesday18:45-20:1528€ 39519/09/2017
Greek 4 (A2+)Tuesday20:15-21:4528€ 39519/09/2017
Greek 5 (B1)Tuesday20:15-21:4528€ 39519/09/2017
Conversation ClassThursday20:30-21:3013€ 20021/09/2017




Greek 1 (Level A0-A1)
Beginners! The course starts with the alphabet & the pronunciation, followed by reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You will learn how to speak about your family, work, everyday life, how to place an order in a cafe and a restaurant, how to ask the directions, how to speak about the things you like etc. The Greek course focuses on simple conversations in different situations in combination with grammar.
Book: Communicate in Greek for beginners + Workbook One (chapter 1)

Greek 2 (Level A1+)

The course is aimed for people who already have a basic knowledge of Greek. You will learn grammar (past and future) with more details and much more vocabulary. During the lessons, you will do many language games and speaking activities to practise your Greek.
Book: Communicate in Greek for beginners + Workbook Two (chapter 13)

Greek 3 (Level A2)

At this level, we emphasize in revision and repetition of anything new. After each new grammatical or lexical item you learn, you will be practising a lot with writing, listening and speaking activities. As you already know past simple and future, you will also learn past continuous and future continuous. This group is very dynamic! At the end of this Greek course you will speak Greek with confidence!
Book: Επικοινωνήστε Ελληνικά 2, Βιβλίο Ασκήσεων 2α

Greek 4 (Level A2+)

Things are getting even more interesting here! The texts are getting a bit more complex and include information about culture, travelling, housing, celebrations, customs etc. Communication is spontaneous. 

Greek 5 (Level B1)

More challenging conversations and texts. The topics include everything, from every day life to sports and environment. Communication is spontaneous!

Conversation Class (Minimum Level A1+)

Speak, speak, speak Greek! In this class we only speak! In every lesson there is a new topic. We work with small assignments that students prepare at home and during the class we practice and learn through language games! To join this group, you should have minimum level A1+.

Intensive Greek (Level A0-A1)

This course is for beginners who would like to learn Greek more quickly and would like to start in January 2018. The course starts with pronunciation and the alphabet and builds Greek knowledge step by step. We will be working with activities in and outside the main book. Within 13 lessons of 2 hours each, you will be able to order in a cafe/restaurant, to describe your vacation, to make reservations, to talk about what you like and about your everyday life etc. You will be able to have simple conversations in Greek for different topics.
Book: Communicate in Greek for beginners + Workbook One (chapter 1)

Holiday Greek – Crash Course (Level A0-A1)
If you are planning to spend your holidays this year in Greece and you would like to interact in a simple way with Greek people, then this Greek crash course is the best option for you!
Book: Will be decided based on our students’ needs 

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