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If you want to speak Greek quickly and get the full attention of the teacher, then our Greek private lessons are your cup of tea! At Lexis we believe that everybody has their own pace and style of learning. We listen to your story and customize the Greek lessons based on your personal interests. We can do the private lessons at your place/office, in our school -based on availability- or even via Skype

You are always welcome to contact us and talk about your learning style, your interests, location and fees. 


Greek Private Lessons for Adults


Whether you want to learn holiday Greek, a more conversational or advanced level, progress depends on the amount of effort you can put in and on the type of Greek lessons you would like to follow.

✓  When you have time for personal study every week, then weekly Greek lessons can lead to rapid progress.
✓  If you have less time, a flexible approach may be better using study materials at your own pace, with occasional lessons to check progress and move you on to the next stage.

Our teachers are specialized in modern Greek language teaching from complete beginners to very advanced levels. Over the last 9 years we have been teaching individuals for holidays, pleasure, business and leisure. Is it now the time for you to speak Greek maybe?

We also prepare students for the Examination for the certificate of attainment in Greek.

For information about our Greek lessons in small groups, please click here.
You can also follow Greek lessons via Skype.

For more info you can contact us!

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