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With private Greek lessons, you will learn the Greek language at your own pace. At Lexis we believe that everybody has their own pace and learning style. Therefore, we listen to your language needs and goals and customize the Greek lessons based on your personal interests, preferences and learning style. Whether you want to learn Greek because you have Greek family/friends or because Greece is your holiday destination, we can help you. Together with you we create a Greek course that suits your language needs. We can do the private lessons at our place/office, at our school (based on availability) or even via Skype.

You are always welcome to contact us and let us know about your level, preferences, language goals, and budget and we would be happy to discuss with you about a package that fits your needs.


Greek Private Lessons Adults


With a private Greek course, you can:

✓ practice all four skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing
✓ learn Greek based on your learning style and language goals
✓ choose the time, the day and the frequency of your Greek lessons
✓ choose the location – that can the teacher’s place, your place/office and/or also Skype
✓cancel a lesson without being charged – if you let us know 48 hours in advance
✓ never miss a class

Whether you want to learn Greek on a basic, practical level or more advanced, progress depends on the effort you can put in and the frequency of the Greek lessons.

✓  In case you have time for personal study every week, then weekly Greek lessons can lead to rapid progress.
✓  If you have little time, or an irregular agenda a flexible approach may be suitable for you.

Is it now the time for you to speak Greek maybe? Contact us about the possibilities.

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