Learn Greek from the comfort of your couch!


A Skype lesson is exactly the same as a private lesson. The only difference is that you meet your teacher online and not face to face. If you have limited time to travel to our school or you live in another city or even country, you can still learn Greek with us!
Our Skype Greek Lessons are entirely based on your goals and are customised to your needs. You will be able to choose the time of the lesson that suits you – lessons are available throughout the day, including evenings and weekends.
Skype is an app that allows you to communicate over the internet using a microphone and a camera. You can simply download it on your device from their official website and start chatting! When we schedule our first lesson, you just need to add your teacher as a Skype contact and make sure to be online on the right time. We will give you a call as soon as the lesson starts!


Greek Skype Lessons
We will schedule a free 30- minute trial session, during which we will talk about your language goals and expectations, the teaching method and material, as well as any questions you might have.
Greek Skype Lessons

If you have a good feeling and decide to start with Skype lessons, we will prepare your tailored course, your contract and your first Skype lesson with your teacher.

Greek Skype Lessons

Communicate in Greek with all your friends from Greece! And speak with confidence when you visit Greece for holidays or business!

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