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Despina Moysiadou

Despina Moysiadou
Founder & Greek teacher

Milào Basiscursus Nieuwgrieks tekstboek
Milào Basiscursus Nieuwgrieks oefenboek

Hello everyone! My name is Despina Moysiadou and I am a Greek teacher. Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to live abroad and broaden my horizons. I trained as a language teacher at the Aristotle University in Greece and moved to the Netherlands in 2008, where I completed my master’s degree in Greek Literature and developed my love of teaching. I teach Greek to adults and children. My students become my friends and this is the best part of my profession. 

I had been teaching Greek for 9 years when I decided to create a school for languages where I can share my teaching ideas and learn from other teachers. A school where all students can confidently dive into the language and culture of their preference. This is what we do at Lexis. Together with the other teachers and the language advisors we make sure that your language course reflects your sense of communication, as well as your thirst of knowledge. I would love to meet you, listen to your language story and help you on to the next step!

Michelle Berjin

Michelle Berlijn
Dutch teacher NT2

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle Berlijn and I’m a Dutch NT2 teacher. I love everything that has to do with languages and to learn them. For me there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing my passion with my students and seeing them grow in the new language they’re learning.

I have had the privilege of teaching English and Dutch to both adults and children in Santiago de Chile, where I also learnt to speak Spanish fluently and lived for 5 years in a totally different culture than mine. Therefore I know what it’s like to live in a foreign country, having to learn a new language and to adapt to a whole new culture. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to have fun while doing it and it is my goal to make my lessons as interactive but educative as possible for you in order to learn the language in a fun and effective way.

Besides language, I love walking in the park, watching netflix and travelling.

Sophia Bei

Sophia Beï
Dutch teacher NT2

Hi everyone, my name is Sophia Beï. I give Dutch lessons at Lexis and I am very excited about it! I have always had a great fascination with languages; any language really from any part of the world. But what I most fascinate is how a difference in language results in a difference in culture. Every language has its very own structure and history, and I find that just beautiful To be able to teach others my very own mother tongue and to interact with my students is something great to me. I am almost bilingual since I am half Dutch and half Greek. My mother language is Dutch and I learned Greek mostly all by myself by practicing constantly so I have experience in learning a second language. This is where my love for languages and different cultures comes from, since Dutch language and culture differs a lot from Greek; I discovered little by little how this difference in language results in a difference in culture.  I want to show you that learning a second language is not hard at all – on the contrary, it is really fun and a very useful thing to do. Especially when you will be able to have conversations with others in that ‘new’ language; and we will get there together!

From a very young age I was used to deal with two languages, Greek and Dutch, as I was raised bilingually by my Greek father and Dutch mother. At the age of eleven we moved from Athens to the Netherlands. My love for languages and culture resulted in studies of Modern Greek Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. Fifteen years ago I started teaching Greek to Dutch people and I am happy that I can still do what I love most. Next to motivation and fun, I consider listening to the individual needs of students as essential to make my lessons successful.

Together with Despina Moysiadou, the founder of Lexis Language Institute, we combined our teaching experience and wrote the method Milào, a course book Modern Greek for beginners. At Lexis I work together with Despina Moysiadou & Despina Kazantidou in the section of Modern Greek and advise on learning methods and activities, lesson plans and everything else necessary to improve our language institute!

In my free time, I love learning new languages, cooking Greek dishes, visiting concerts and museums and travelling. I try to visit Greece at least two times a year. My favourite place in Greece? The Cyclades!

Despina Kazantzidou

Despina Kazantzidou
Language Advisor

Born in Germany I moved to Greece at the age of 9 and found myself studying in Amsterdam at the age of 19. This required me to quickly accustom to different spoken languages and cultures and made me aware of how close these two things are entwined to one another. I am a firm believer that language can only be truly learned if one also understands its culture. It is because of this that I decided to study Modern Greek language and culture at the University of Amsterdam in order to learn more about my native language and culture from a different perspective. During my Bachelor I developed a love for language, specifically linguistics. I furthermore professionalized into the General Linguistics’ clinical track by achieving a Master degree at the University of Amsterdam. 

With the experience of learning new languages still freshly embedded in my mind, I know what students need in order to master the foreign language. I love to teach and explore new teaching methods together with my students and colleagues. I met Despina and Dafni 5 years ago, when we started teaching Greek at the same school. As a language advisor at Lexis, I make sure that the teachers are up to date regarding the latest teaching methods and language games!