Greek and Dutch courses in Amsterdam!



Want to learn Dutch or Greek in a fun, dynamic and organised way? At Lexis Amsterdam, we offer Dutch and Greek lessons in groups or private, as well as online. With affordable prices and various course packages, you can choose the classes that fit best your schedule, needs and budget. We are a team of enthusiastic and young professionals with many years of experience in education, languages and technology. We aim to make learning enjoyable with diverse activities and a lot of languages games. We listen to your story and design the language lessons based on your needs.
At Lexis you will feel like home!

“Learn Dutch and Greek now in Amsterdam!”

Dutch and Greek courses in Amsterdam

ENGLISH LESSONS (coming soon)

Why learn with us?

Experience First
Our teachers are highly-skilled professionals experienced in identifying and responding to students’ needs at all levels.
Specialised in Tailor-Made
Εverybody has their own pace and style of learning. We compose a learning programme that meets your language needs.
Small Cozy Groups
We keep our classes small, social and interactive — so you’re always ready to strike up a conversation and meet new people!
Affordable Prices
We do our best to keep our prices affordable so you can enjoy our language lessons.

What our students say about us…

  • ”Some time ago I decided to start learning Dutch via Skype. It is the best thing I ever did! I arrange the time and day with my teacher and we meet online. I like the method, the book and the fact that we speak mostly in the target language. I will keep on going! Thank you, Sophia!” Caterina Hatzi

  • “Just a quick note to say that after just 3 months of Dutch lessons with Sophia, I can understand what my Dutch girlfriend talks about! I am also able to have small and simple conversations in Dutch. I will definitely continue with the next level.”  Jorge Alvarado

  • “I met Michelle when I started Dutch lessons online! I am in love with my Skype lessons. It’s like we sit next to each other. Before that, I used to subscribe to group courses and I missed a lot of classes because of work. Now I arrange my lessons based on my work schedule which makes it possible for me to learn Dutch after all!” Julien Andre

  • “What I mostly love during my Dutch course is the language activities outside the main book. My teacher is enthusiastic and full of energy every time. She gives us extra exercises when we need to practice more. Ik ben erg blij!” Riccardo Rachin

  • “Michelle is a fantastic teacher. I already have Dutch lessons with her for 4 months which are very productive. We do a lot of speaking activities that help me to communicate in Dutch at work. I love my small group. So cozy and gezellig with great people. Everyone in this language school is just so nice! Dankjewel voor de leerzame lessen!” Panagiota Zafiriou

Greek and Dutch courses in Amsterdam!
Speak Dutch and Greek with Confidence!