English In-Company-Training


Lessons for all levels tailored to your company

Is it increasingly important for your employees to have knowledge of English? Lexis offers in-company English lessons for all levels tailored to your company’s and employees’ needs, for groups or individuals. Our English lessons take place at your company, at the employee’s home or online. At the moment, we deliver all our courses online.

Private Lessons

It’s all about you! You work closely together with your language teacher on your personal learning goals. Whether you’re just starting, or you are already an advanced learner, we can help you get better. After a free first intake, we create a personalized programme that is completely in line with your goals and interests. Get in touch, for more information.

Group Lessons

Learing together with colleauges can be enjoyable as well. We organise English lessons for groups for the employees of your company, from complete beginners to very advanced levels. We offer general language lessons and tailor-made English lessons with focus of the the language needs of your employees. For the group courses, we recommend a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants. 


We organise workshops for the English language lessons for the employees of your company. The workshops take place Online or Face to Face. They can be tailor-made to your language needs and wishes. 
Look at a few examples:

Interested in in-company training?

We would be happy to put together a non-binding offer for you. For an indication of our prices, you can use the price calculator below. For a tailor-made offer, please contact us.

Practical Information


The content and format of the in-company English lessons depend on your employees' proficiency in English, their availability, profession and language objectives. Whether beginner, survival, intermediate or advanced, our English courses include speaking, listening, reading and writing training and can be designed based on your employees’ language goals.


Students learn and practice the target language through the interaction with one another and through the use of the language both in class and outside of class. We encourage learners to incorporate their personal experiences into their language learning environment, and to focus on the learning experience in addition to the learning of the target language.


You can select the day and time that suits your colleagues best. The most popular choices are early morning 08:00-10:00, around lunchtime 12:00-14:00, or after work 17:00-19:00.

How often and for how long? 

After we have assessed your needs we will recommend the length of the English course but you are also free to choose the frequency and duration of the English lessons.

Getting started

The first step is to set up a free intake to talk about your language needs, level and particular aims. After your intake, you will receive a proposal from us, where you will find your programme fees and you can decide if you want to follow the training. If needed we carry out an intake interview with each participant to determine their levels and learning objectives.

Use our price calculator

For an indication of the in-company English lessons, you can use the price calculator below. Please note that this is an estimation of the price. The exact price for in-company English lessons depends on different aspects, such us preffered time (daytime or evening), exact location, intensity, group size and special requirements. For a specific offer, please contact us. 

    Are you looking for a private or for a group lesson?

    How many hours would you like to do?

    Where would you like to have the English lessons?

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 800 / EUR 80

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 1404 / EUR 78

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 2700 / EUR 75

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 1000 / EUR 100

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 1800 / EUR 100

    Total Price / Price per hour
    EUR 3.528 / EUR 95

    Where would you like to have the English lessons?

    How many people will join the class?

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 90

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 120

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 150

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 110

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 140

    Price per hour (per group)
    EUR 150

    Interested in in-Company training?

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    Lexis Language Institute was founded in 2017 by Despina Moysiadou. After being a Greek teacher for almost 9 years, Despina decided to share her passion about language teaching with other professionals and students.