english lessons in Amsterdam & online


At Lexis, we offer English lessons tailor-made to your language needs. Being confident with English can help you further your studies, improve your career prospects and your social life.

At Lexis, we get to know who you are and what your language goals are, and we create a language program based on your learning style. We help you speak, listen, read and write with confidence.

You can choose between English private lessons, English lessons via Skype and In-company training. Our enthusiastic and experienced teachers focus on practical results and make sure you speak English.

We would be glad to answer your questions and help you decide on the right English language course for you.





Our teachers are specialised in English language training, from complete beginners to very advanced levels. At Lexis we teach individuals and groups for business and leisure. The teachers promote interaction in the English class by empowering learners and helping them develop their communication skills.


Students engage in interactive English language activities, participating in group and pair work. Students will also be offered guidance in self-study and set homework tasks. We make the learning process fun and at the end we get amazing results! We raise confidence by giving lots of praise and feedback on task achievement as well as language use.


Communication in the English language between our students is very essential. We use tasks that actively provide the learners with a reason to listen and speakEnglish. The different types of activities are a good example and students generally enjoy doing them. We emphasise in realistic language use and interaction. 


At Lexis we get to know who you are and what your motivation and goals are. You provide us with this information and we create a program that fits your learning style and language objectives. We make sure that your English language course reflects your sense of communication and we guarantee the desired results.