Greek Lessons


Learn Greek

Learn Greek and impress your Greek friends and the locals!

Do you have a Greek boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you feel uncomfortable sitting in a Greek parea? Do you love Greece and you want to communicate with the locals? We are here to help you! At Lexis, we are dedicated to creating an effective and playful learning environment for our students who want to learn Greek or improve and expand their knowledge of Greek.

Below you can see the type of Greek lessons we offer. Get in touch with us for any questions you might have. We would be glad to help you decide what is the right Greek course for you.

One size
doesn't fit all!

Everyone learns at their own pace. At Lexis, we recognize that so we first want to get to know you and your background.


Learning in a group can be challenging, and also exciting and fun. At Lexis we recognize that every student learns in a different way.

Learn Greek from the comfort
of your home

An online lesson can be very convenient since you don’t have to travel to the school or your teacher’s location.

tailored to your company

Lexis offers in-company Greek lessons for all levels tailored to your company’s and employees’ needs.

Lexis Language Institute was founded in 2017 by Despina Moysiadou. After being a Greek teacher for almost 9 years, Despina decided to share her passion about language teaching with other professionals and students.