Greek Private Lessons


One size doesn’t fit all!

Everyone learns at their own pace and have a unique learning style. At Lexis, we recognize that so we first want to get to know you and your background. We listen to your story and identify your objectives and learning style. Then we design a tailor-made Greek course that meets your individual needs in terms of availability, level and interests. Whether you want to learn holiday Greek, a more conversational or more advanced level, we are here to help you.

With our private Greek lessons, you and your teacher will be able to concentrate fully on your learning goals, at your own pace. We also prepare students for the Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek. For more info, get in touch with us!

Packages for Greek Private Lessons 


Flexible Greek

 € 60 per hour

Free intake to identify your level and goals

Flexible schedule

First 6 hours paid in advance

Monthly invoice


Greek 10 Hours

 € 55 per hour

Free intake to identify your level and goals

Flexible schedule

1 or 2 hours per week

in total 10 hours


Greek 15 Hours

 € 50 per hour

Free intake to identify your level and goals

Flexible schedule

1 or 2 hours per week

in total 15 hours

Practical Information


At the moment all our Greek lessons take place online.

Private or Semi-private?

The prices above are for 1 individual. If you would like to enjoy a private English lesson with a friend there is a fee + € 10,00 per hour on the top of the prices listed above.

Getting started

Contact us for a free intake to identify your level and language goals. Once the intake is completed, we will carefully compose a language training curriculum that will take you to the top.


All the packages are fully paid in advance. You will receive an invoice after we will have agreed for everything. However, we offer everyone the option to pay in 2 installments for all packages except the Flexible Greek. For the Flexible Greek package, you will have to pay the first 6 hours in advance and after that you will pay monthly for the hours taken.

What happens if I don’t have a good connection with my teacher?

Don’t worry! We can assign a different teacher for you. We consider very important that you have a great match with your teacher. This is why, we get to know you and your learning style during the intake in order to match you with the most suitable teacher.

Exam Preparation

We can prepare you for the Certification of Attainment in Greek. To create a tailor-made language training for you, please fill in the form below and mention that you would like to get prepared for the Greek exams.

Trial Lesson

You can have a paid trial lesson with one of our trainers before you decide to buy a package.

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, you do! We issue certificates of participation to all our students.

What can I achieve with a private Greek lesson?

Is now the time to learn Greek? Get in touch with us to talk about the possibilities.

Contact us

Do you have questions? Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Lexis Language Institute was founded in 2017 by Despina Moysiadou. After being a Greek teacher for almost 9 years, Despina decided to share her passion about language teaching with other professionals and students.


Greek Private Lessons

Please fill in the enrolment form and we will contact you for a free intake.